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  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 08:49:05 -0000

    I am opening up this as a discussion thread. 
I have just installed the Intelligent Message Filter from Microsoft on
my e2k3 exchange server. So far it has worked quite well as it looks for
I have a few questions that are popping into my head and would like your
views on:

1.      How does the filter perform on a large organisation under load
2.      The filters are built up by adding senders to the junk senders
list in Outlook and this is then sychronized with the mailbox store.
However, the filters are a Global setting. So:

        *       In a large org would this not mean that we would soon be
in a position that it started to filter out messages that some people
did not consider SPAM. Since I might consider a loads mail shot
important and you might consider it as junk and Spam. ??
        *       If 2000 addresses are on the Junk senders list the
performance of Outlook deteriorates. Would this impact everyone on a
particulr store or is this just lo local. 

Your thoughts and experiences would be much appreciated on this, 

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