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I have similar problem, I have two network and one domain, users from different 
network and different servers can't add each other. but users from the same 
network and different servers can do that. by the way the network connection is 

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Dear exclist;
  About the instant messaging in exchange server2000, i have 2 server with 2
  diferent network, first server is A class and the second is B class and
  communication is ok. and there is instant messaging in A class.
  But when all user in A class use msn exchange messenger service to send
  message the other user to the same network in A class, there is no
  but if user in A class send message to user in B class (over the other
  domain), there's a problem (the message cannot deliver), but if user in B
  class send message to A class, it's ok.

  and so i check it up to website log, and all ip client in B class notes
 ip_server(in B class), not detect own ip client (ip client in B class).

  Please help me, what should i do to fix it up?
  I need your all suggest...


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