Installing new Exchange 2000 server

  • From: "Noel da Costa" <noeldc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 15:44:37 +0100

Hi there,

New to the list..

Just in the process of installing Microsoft Small Business Server. Chosen
server is Compaq Proliant 1600 (PII 266MHz) with 18GB hd; 512MB RAM. Server
is currently PDC in NT4 domain and will be upgraded to Win2K with AD. To
serve +/-30 users at a single site.

Interested in any comments, heads-ups, look-outs and even amusing anecdotes

Also wondering:

1. if NTBackup and the exchange component is sufficient for backup of
Exchange. If not, what is recommended.

2. How feasible and affordable running ISA server across our ADSL connection
is, for allowing remote collection of mail.

3. Outlook Exchange client for MAC - we have about 15 Mac (OS 9.2.2)
computers onsite, does anyone have experience with integrating these
alongside PCs for shared calendaring?

4. Our main reason for wanting to backup email is for archival and retrieval
purposes. Because email can be used as legal evidence, company policy is to
keep all email and I would potentially need to be able to retrieve a users
email (in and out going) from a specific date-range off tape.

Is this feasible with any sort of Exchange backup to tape? If not, what
would you recommend?

Thanks and apologies in advance, respectively for replies and any old flame
topics I might have inadvertently raised.

Noel da Costa
IT Manager

H D  G R O U P

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