RE: Installing Win2K on Dell PE 6400

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No, you can't have your system partition on RAID. Having two controllers
have many advantages. 

There are so many ways you can configure those 8 disks. Just mirror the
system partition, and do what you want with the rest, (definitely include a
RAID 5 of your important data, and stripe set for your data that needs

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Hi Guys,
Its an off-subject question but please help if you can.

I want to install Win2K server on a Dell PE 6400 Server with 2 PERC 2/DC
Each card has 4 hard disks connected (total of 8, each disk of 36 GB), I
have inherited this server from my .pred.eccesor and no idea why he wanted
this server with 2 controllers in the first place, my presumption that he
wanted to have a RAID 50, that is RAID5 on controller 0 mirrored to the
other RAID5 on controller 1.

My first question is, Can I have the system partion on a RAID.
If I can, then I would like to have 2 partitions from the first controller
and configure the RAID 5 with one disk as hot standby.
And only one huge partition on the other PERC Controller card with RAID 5
and one hard disk as hotstandby.
I am following the DELL, PERC manual but it looks like its going to take me
a long time.
If some one out there has worked on this type of cinfiguration, please let
me know how to do what I am intending.
Thanks folks

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