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If you have the Dell Poweredge setup CD this should move you closer to getting 
it configured. This CD should allow you to prepare the drives in any 
configuration and help you install the OS. Other than that, talk to Dell 
technical support who can probaly sort you out. Remember that you can download 
all the setup files that you need from Dell's website (you'll need the servers 
service tag). 


Grant Scott
IT Manager
Berlitz Brighton

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Hi Guys,
Its an off-subject question but please help if you can.

I want to install Win2K server on a Dell PE 6400 Server with 2 PERC 2/DC cards.
Each card has 4 hard disks connected (total of 8, each disk of 36 GB), I have 
inherited this server from my .pred.eccesor and no idea why he wanted this 
server with 2 controllers in the first place, my presumption that he wanted to 
have a RAID 50, that is RAID5 on controller 0 mirrored to the other RAID5 on 
controller 1.

My first question is, Can I have the system partion on a RAID.
If I can, then I would like to have 2 partitions from the first controller and 
configure the RAID 5 with one disk as hot standby.
And only one huge partition on the other PERC Controller card with RAID 5 and 
one hard disk as hotstandby.
I am following the DELL, PERC manual but it looks like its going to take me a 
long time.
If some one out there has worked on this type of cinfiguration, please let me 
know how to do what I am intending.
Thanks folks

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