RE: Initial setup enquiry.

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I have a home network with, at one stage, the Exchange Server being a
laptop. It has since been moved to a more normal computer which is also
a Domain Controller. [Yes I know that it is not good to have Exchange on
a DS but if you only have 2 servers I figured it was better for the ISA
computer not to be a DS rather than Exchange to be on the ISA with an
increased possibility of hacking.]

Essentially once you get a static IP and configured the SMTP connector
and ensure that the ISA is configured correctly, it works very well.

If it helps, initially I used a dial up connector from Outlook and
merely set the mail delivery to be the Exchange Server, but obviously
that is only useful for one mailbox. Later I used the dial up facility
of the SMTP connector to connect at intervals with my ISP so that the
full features of Exchange were used but I had to pay for the call
charges. Then I found that if I put Exchange onto my laptop (and run
Windows Server on it) I could download my emails from anywhere that had
a phone line (using the dial up SMTP connector). Now I connect my laptop
(now with Windows XP on it) to my network using a VPN connection.

Incidentally since you appear to be in the UK you may like to know that
my ISP, Zetnet, were very good about helping me to sort much of this out
with me and I they seemed to be relatively low cost as well.


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> I've been thinking about that. I could then bung that on the router.
> Trouble is, my connection is very much home based, and I will 
> be moving soon for a year at least (so a sensible person 
> would argue why on god's green earth do I need an exchange 
> server) which is a good point, but it's a bit like a hill - 
> because it's there.
> When I move I fully intend to sort out these SMTP issues, as 
> I am considering going with who provide one anyway. 
> In the meanwhile some research shows that I could use a free 
> version of GFI mail essentials 10 to pop3 from my generic ISP 
> (this account) email, and go SMTP later on.
> I want to get my head around DNS, mainly because I tihnk I am 
> making it more complicated than it is, and understanding 
> makes things easier.
> Any thoughts? 
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> Nick
> WHy not pay a few quid extra and get a fixed IP Address???

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