Initial setup enquiry.

  • From: "Nick" <nick.kirby@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 18:13:49 +0100

Hello, I am entirely new to Exchange server, having started at 2003. I am a
competent Windows 2003 chap, having installed domains on clients' sites, and
things have worked there, including DNS setups using such things as
"" and websites have worked, and local pop3 clients are all
ok, but I want to make the move into An exchange based system for myself.

I have installed Exchange 2k3 and sent a message both to myself and to my -
errm, other self in different accounts, and now want to send and receive
mail externally.

My DNS server has an MX record in it, but it is using the IP of, subnet, the default gateway being a sonicwall
sitting at My dsl router is sent an IP address from my ISP
(Pipex) but I do not have a static IP address, nor any externally visible IP

I do own a domain name with another ISP, and I have an email account there,
but it forwards mail on to my current email address (this one) instead of
gong through my own servers.

Basically, what I want to do is have an Exchange server behind my firewall
connected to my DSL line and have it operate a bit like a normal outlook
client, polling for email and sending mail on to another server. To use
things like OWA and OMA I would obviously need an external IP - however, to
get started, is this a possible scenario?

Could someone point me towards a good "how to set up Exchange server" book
as well? I've read Barry Gerber's Mastering Exchange and found solid advice
for beginners but little on how to actually begin inside of certain
circumstances (my own, and that of many other people's).

Many thanks


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