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Currently on one of my servers, "dual cpu, 4gig ram, SAN attached", I'm
running 2 info stores, each with approx 1,400 users and about 80 - 100
gig of space used for each store.  Performance is just fine aside from
noticing a small lag between 7:30 and 8:30 in the mornings when everyone
is just showing up.  Another server has an info store of about the same
size and number of users and also houses all public folders and the IMC,
identical machine and performance is fine with it also.

I believe it is more of how hard of hitters are your users, for us the
majority are normal day to day email users, maybe 50 - 100 emails a day
and they read and delete.  About 20% or so are hard hitters, 300+ emails
a day, lots oof attachments and they never delete anything.

Being in a SAN environment we can have a LOS agreement of no more than 4
hours per server downtime in case of failure.  In a true DR scenario
Exchange isn't considered critical, patients aren't going to die if
Exchange isn't running.  I would have to take another look, but I
believe it's in the third tier of the DR plans.  All depends on how
important Exchange is to your CIO and what an exceptable downtime is.

George Taylor
Systems Programmer
Regional Health Inc.

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I was talking to someone today and they said that real world experience
says that you shouldn't have more than 250 users in an information store
(Exchange 2003) for performance reasons. I have been under the
assumption that the only real limits were purely based of the particular
scenario (such as disaster recovery expectations, disk IO, number of
items in mailboxes, etc). 

So, is there any validity to the statement, or is it more scenario
What about with Exchange 2000?

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