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That number is derived by taking 5,000 (which is "about" the maximum
number of users that MS recommends per Exchange server) and dividing it
by 20 (total possible number of mail stores on a server) to come up with
250 maximum users per mail store.

As a rule of thumb, there isn't anything wrong with it.

But YOUR performance is going to be scenario based. You should test
based on your scenario.

Exchange 2003 has much better memory management than Exchange 2000; but
I don't remember whether the maximum recommended number of users was
different or not.


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I was talking to someone today and they said that real world experience
that you shouldn't have more than 250 users in an information store
(Exchange 2003) for performance reasons. I have been under the
that the only real limits were purely based of the particular scenario
as disaster recovery expectations, disk IO, number of items in

So, is there any validity to the statement, or is it more scenario
What about with Exchange 2000?

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