Information store is stoping every couple of hours on event 7031

  • From: "Ofir gal" <ofirg@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 07:56:25 -0700

Hi all
I am running exchange 2000 ent. sp3 on win2000 advanced sp3.
all security hotfixes are applied (pre sp4)
I am getting eventid  7031 on information store every 10/12 hours.
I got Nav 7.6 as antivirus client (exlude relevant folders)
I got Backup exec 8.6 installed
I got Navmse 2.5 installed
The server is a member server only(not ADC).

all Q about Sp2+norton antivirus + IIS problems and code red have been
tried and didnt helped(maybe it is a virus but not code red 2 like on
microsoft Q).
the only service that is stopping is Information store(event 7031).
there is no problem starting it again automatically (soft recovery- takes
couple of minutes-I have 50GB of databases 16 priv 1 pub).
I didnt find any problem with databases (online defrag is running
I was wondering if any one had this problem recently since there is no
relevant q to solve it .
All 3 major documents was tried and have failed (on last 3 nights).
maybe there is problwem with any software mentioned above or recent

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