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Have a small LAN I'm monitoring that's badly in need of a good spam
filter for their Exchange 2000 email server. This company has less than
50 users so I'm thinking a high-priced enterprise solution may not be
necessary. So far I've come across the following: 
Firetrust @

And a few others listed at

What have most of you all implemented in your environments? Again with
less than 50 users I honestly don't think there's a need to break the
bank, even though fighting spam is an important issue. 
I appreciate any responses to this. 


Well a year ago I started using CanIt from It is a
*nix based solution using sendmail w/milter support, mimedefang,
spamassassin. I have not had a virus get through both Clam Antivirus and
file and mime type filtering yet. Plus the ability to use spam assassin
and DNSbls + custom rules based on both email body characteristics or
header characteristics works very well. Out of the box this software
supports greylisting as well this stops much of the spam that is sent
via software that doesn't wait for a response. I am currently using  a
beta copy that has added SA 2.60 support and Bayesian filtration as
well. I added support for razor2 and DCC as well. All if the tools used
are open source but the combination of outstanding tools and support rock. I am not a Linux expert by any means but I have
benefited this past year as have my spam free users.

Please feel free to contact me on or off list on this,

John Mason



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