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  • Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 12:26:14 +0800

Hi Harinder,
Sorry for the late reply.  My apology, apparently the tool that you are
does not support R5 based on the following URL.
I am not very sure how you are migrating the NSF files so it is very hard
to suggest anything based on my experience.
Previously I do a migration from a R5 to a iPlanet Messaging Server.
We encounter a lot of problems because of the proprietary nature of the
product.  What we end up doing is to turn on the IMAP4 on the Domino server,
and then write a java program to pull the data into iPlanet messaging store.
Just do some browsing on the Microsoft support site, it looks like Ex2k has
better support on this.  I am handling a Ex5.5 to Ex2k migration at the
so I know a bit of background technologies of all these products.
Without a Domino server, just the NSF file with Notes client only is a bit
For yr case I am unable to help, you may have to consult another Lotus Notes
Administrator on this issue.
Thanks Liang
I have installed Lotus Notes Client R5 on the PC.There is no Cert ID File
but only NSF File.I opened the NSF file in Notes client & mails are opening
in Notes Client.But the Problem is in importing the Notes mail in Exchange.I
am getting Errors like Unable to open Database ,no Such data base Exists.I
am attaching the Log file .Can it be that the Notes Mail importer is unable
to locate the NSF File.
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You need to install Lotus Notes Client in the PC also. 
During the installation you need to put his cert id file, 
if he still has it. 
The NSF file is encryted using the cert id as key. 
So Lotus Notes Client need to have cert id file to 
open up the NSF file to read. 
Hope this helps. 

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Hi List 
Recently a user has joined our organisation.His Previous Organisation was 
using Lotus Notes R5.He has braught with him a .NSF File. Now we need to 
import his mails in Exchange.Tried running Microsoft`s Lotus Notes importer 
but it gives an error "NO such Data Base Exists,Error opening  Notes 
Database".Surely I am missing something. 
Need urgent Help on this. 

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