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MJ. I'm sorry I wont sit by and let that one slide.. 

The reason you hate the isalist now is because you copped "warranted"
abuse from members because you didn't show respect for some members
(senior or not) on the list, to the point of calling them a "punch" of
idiots. Luckily I was able to decipher what you meant by that! If you
need a good outlook list let me know!

FWIW the isalist is a great list and a great resource for those who use
it support it. The problem is, like any list, it becomes the first and
only resource for some people. Most of us also have bosses who pay us to
do a job and not hand-hold lazy people (notice I didn't include you at
all in this). Some of the people on that list, notably the ones who you
were having a go at have great value on that list and others they
frequent, like this one, and I don't just say that because they are my
mates. They don't my friendship to further their career's, lord help

So please don't take it upon yourself to bad-mouth other lists here,
especially seeing that a large number of people (even the silent
majority) on this list may be members of such lists. We are big enough
and ugly enough to make up our own minds.. Like Steve!

Greg Mulholland

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I am not a member of the ISALIST any more and I wouldn't advice posting
anything there

Some guys there will mistreat you if you post a question that is too
easy or too difficult

I had this problem with ISA 2004 and the fix was to either allow
anonymous or select the require all users to authenticate and if you
still have the same problem let me know and I will look for a registry
editing that should resolve the problem.

Best of luck

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Subject: [exchangelist] ISA 2000 Server Authentication Issue

Hello to All,

Sorry.. I know, this forum is for Exchange. As I wanted experts feedback
on the above issue, I am posting this,

I am Using MS ISA Server 2000 for proxy & firewall.

I have defined one access policy for accessing the selective web-sites
like etc.

and assigned these policy to few users.

But problem is, Whenever these users tried to access these sites, They
get pop-up  with eneter network password.

User name :

After feeding these information again and again it will pop-up, ( for
ecah site - 30-40 times). If one continously feed, then , he gets the
page. otherwise he gets the message The Page cannot be displayed.

This is the one policy I am using with web-site address.
Other ( 5- 6 )  policy with access- time /  hours is working fine.

Yes, I installed firewall client on one system and assigned policy /
rules on one AD user and tried to access the site from the system.
Still it is showing the same ..

Please type your user name and password.

Firewall :  - that is the firewall system name.

users name :

after feeding also, again and again asking for the same.
I have observed in event log - Application log-

The ISA Server services cannot create a packet filter
This event occurs when there is a conflict between the Local Address
Table (LAT) configuration and the Windows 2000 routing table.
Check the routing table and the LAT to find the source of the conflict.

I have givem Explorer setting

Proxy server : IP address of Proxy server and HTTP port no : 8080.

Here I am giving details of Rules which I created.
Under policy Elements:

Schdules :
Medinet - 24 hours access. defined.
Under Destination
Medinet -
with foloing sets

Client set:
Ip address of the client system - 6.11.15-120
Access Policy;
protocol rulues:

name: Ie_Medinet
action - allow
Protolcol : all
Schedile :Active (24 Hours)
Applied to : Client address set specified ( initiallt) - 6.11.15-120

Site And Content rules also configurd.
Name: IE_ medinet
destination :

Active - 24 hours
Action: Allow
Applies to

Client address set specified below. - 6.11.15-120

Http Content :
All Content group.

Please let me know, where I went wrong.

If I use the administrator users name & Password, website is going
through very smoothly, without any pop-ups ( users/password).

As Administrator has full internet access group.

looking for your feedback.


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