ISA 2000 Server Authentication Issue

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  • Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 05:59:35 -0800 (PST)

Hello to All,

Sorry.. I know, this forum is for Exchange. As I
wanted experts feedback on the above issue, I am
posting this,

I am Using MS ISA Server 2000 for proxy & firewall.

I have defined one access policy for accessing the
selective web-sites like

and assigned these policy to few users.

But problem is, Whenever these users tried to access
these sites, They get pop-up  with eneter network

User name :

After feeding these information again and again it
will pop-up, ( for ecah site - 30-40 times). If one
continously feed, then , he gets the page. otherwise
he gets the message 
The Page cannot be displayed.

This is the one policy I am using with web-site
Other ( 5- 6 )  policy with access- time /  hours is
working fine. 

Yes, I installed firewall client on one system and
assigned policy / rules on one AD user and tried to
access the site from the system.
Still it is showing the same .. 

Please type your user name and password.

Firewall :  - that is the firewall
system name.

users name :

after feeding also, again and again asking for the
I have observed in event log - Application log-

The ISA Server services cannot create a packet filter This event occurs when there is a
conflict between the Local Address Table (LAT)
configuration and the Windows 2000 routing table.
Check the routing table and the LAT to find the source
of the conflict. 

I have givem Explorer setting

Proxy server : IP address of Proxy server and HTTP
port no : 8080.

Here I am giving details of Rules which I created.
Under policy Elements:

Schdules :
Medinet - 24 hours access. defined.
Under Destination 
Medinet -
with foloing sets

Client set:
Ip address of the client system - 6.11.15-120
Access Policy;
protocol rulues:

name: Ie_Medinet
action - allow
Protolcol : all
Schedile :Active (24 Hours)
Applied to : Client address set specified ( initiallt) - 6.11.15-120

Site And Content rules also configurd.
Name: IE_ medinet
destination :

Active - 24 hours
Action: Allow
Applies to

Client address set specified below. - 6.11.15-120

Http Content :
All Content group.

Please let me know, where I went wrong.

If I use the administrator users name & Password,
website is going through very smoothly, without any
pop-ups ( users/password).

As Administrator has full internet access group.

looking for your feedback.


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