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My thoughts on this would be to say that the loop could have caused that
problem. You were probably putting a lot of demand on the server with
the loops.  My thoughts - anyone else?
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Yesterday afternoon one of my techs tried to set up email forwarding to
an attorney's web-based account for his palm.  After he set up the rule,
he checked the box to run the rule on the inbox which of course
proceeded to forward ALL of his mail messages.  Anyway, it looks like it
began this vicious cycle of sending the emails back and forth so that
the user ended up with 7000+ messages in his inbox.  This morning
Outlook was running very slowly for our users and the IMS service had
stopped which I then restarted.  He finally cleaned out the users inbox
and things went back to normal.
My question is, would what the tech did have caused the slowness and the
IMS to stop?  I checked the event viewer and it stated the the IMS
stopped unexpectedly and really didn't give me any more information than
that.  I'm curious about why this happened.
We have Exch 5.5 on a NT4 box with the latest service packs.
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