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Hmmm, should I dance around like a god?  or do they even dance?  :-)
I have to disagree with you John.  It is standard practice to require a
valid RDNS lookup in order to except a piece of mail.  Basically all you
are doing is verifying that the sender is in fact who they say they are,
or should I say the server connecting to your server is who it is
advertising itself as.  As you say, take a look at the real world:
A guy walks into your mailroom wearing a purple shirt with a unibomber
emblem and says "Take this package, it's from UPS..."  What's your mail
clerk going to say?  "I'll take it because I don't care who you are, I
just take all packages addressed to me..."?  I hope not, that's how
things get blown up, that's how your email system will get blown up with
viruses, spam, threats, etc...  If you cannot verify the origin of a
piece of mail and you except it anyways, you put yourself at risk, a
conscience email administrator is not going to allow that.
Just my .02
George Taylor
Systems Programmer
Regional Health Inc.


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Andrew, please tell me you are not actually considering doing this.


Yes, the big want-to-be Internet God's such as America Off Line
block/refuse on no PTR, but that is not practical in the real world as
the rest of us know it. Besides, I think America Off Line is just trying
to get on Dan Quails' good side, if he has one.


John T

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Is there anyway to get IMF to drop emails that fail reverse lookup?





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