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Hi Carl,
the sender recipient trick is this : 

*       in Exchange System Manager navigate to Global Setting -> Message 
Delivery and select Properties 
*       click the Sender Filtering Box 
*       click add and enter the email you want to whitelist 
*       check the Archive filtered messages and Accept message without 
notifying sender of filtering 
*       click Apply, a warning box will appear, click ok and the ok again on 
the properties box. 

at this point all the emails now listed in the sender filter will go into the 
Filter directory, which by default is in: C:\Program 
Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\Filter\ but your path my vary. now we have to 
move the files from the Filter directory to the PickUp directory so that the 
end user will actually get the mail. here is the batch script I use to effect 
that outcome (all on a single line):

        move "C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\Filter\*.tmp" 
"C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\PickUp" 

after that just setup a scheduled task to run the batch file how ever often you 
want it to run (i went with every ten minutes) and your whitelist is in place. 

this works as long as the adres specified in the original "to" field of the 
header is the recipient and there is no aliassing involved somewhere down the 
line of mailservers is passes. If their is then this mail will be send to the 
adres specified in the original "to" field which would then cause a mail loop.
Thanks for the further info, i'll keep looking and if i find anything i'll post 


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Onderwerp: [ExchangeList] Re: IMF Whitelist

What is the "sender recipient blocking trick with the batch file"?
AFAIK Microsoft did not build-in any whitelisting that would allow domains or 
addresses to bypass IMF action.  Proper or improper, it just isn't there.
I would welcome anyone to prove me wrong on that.   It's a sore omission, and 
one that ought to be corrected at some point, but I suspect the correction, if 
any, will require E12.


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Hi All,
i've been wondering if their is any "proper" or "inproper but good working" way 
to do whitelisting of domains in exchange 2003 running IMF v2. I've tried the 
sender recipient blocking trick with the batch file but this causes a lot of 
headaches when e-mail adresses of recipients are not rewritten but simply 
aliased on a unix box before it comes to the exchange box.
I did see some 3th party tools offering whitelisting capabilities to IMF but i 
don't want to resort to buying any except as a last resort.
any information would be most appriciated.

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