[ExchangeList] Re: IMF Whitelist

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 17:00:33 -0400

What is the "sender recipient blocking trick with the batch file"?
AFAIK Microsoft did not build-in any whitelisting that would allow domains
or addresses to bypass IMF action.  Proper or improper, it just isn't there.
I would welcome anyone to prove me wrong on that.   It's a sore omission,
and one that ought to be corrected at some point, but I suspect the
correction, if any, will require E12.


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Hi All,
i've been wondering if their is any "proper" or "inproper but good working"
way to do whitelisting of domains in exchange 2003 running IMF v2. I've
tried the sender recipient blocking trick with the batch file but this
causes a lot of headaches when e-mail adresses of recipients are not
rewritten but simply aliased on a unix box before it comes to the exchange
I did see some 3th party tools offering whitelisting capabilities to IMF but
i don't want to resort to buying any except as a last resort.
any information would be most appriciated.

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