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Then the answer to your original question is "No".  The only data stream
that IMF acts on is incoming SMTP traffic.  You might try to find out if you
can get MIMEsweeper to deliver mail for your recipients directly to your FE


From: Schneider, Michael [mailto:mschneider@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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No there is a MIMEsweeper filter on the edge that relays mail to an exchange
2000 server that is part of our organization but in a different site. From
this exchange 2000 server the mail gets delivered to our front end 2003SP2
server which is where we would like to filter the "internal" mail since the
MIMEsweeper cant seem to do a very good job. 


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From: Carl Houseman [mailto:c.houseman@xxxxxxxxx] 
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"this exchange server" (that sends mail to your FE 2003 SP2) is nothing more
than an smtp relay, correct?  Not in the same org, correct?


If so, IMF will analyze the mail it receives from that box.





From: Schneider, Michael [mailto:mschneider@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] IMF

This should be an easy question. Is there a way to make IMF filter internal
mail? We have a situation where there is a mail filter that receives all
mail and then sends it to an exchange server. This exchange server then
sends all mail to our front end exchange 2003 sp2 server that then passes it
on to our internal exchange 2003 server. The mail filter that receives all
internet mail isn't very good and it isn't under our control so that's why
we want to filter mail with IMF that is already "inside" our exchange
organization. Thanks! 


Michael Schneider

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