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The following is a usual problem. Did you check it?

If your organization uses a firewall or proxy server, NTLM
authentication may not be working. The Instant Messaging client uses
Microsoft Internet Explorer proxy settings, so you must add your Instant
Messaging domain to the Internet Explorer Exceptions list. To modify the
Exceptions list:
1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later, click Internet Options on
the Tools menu. In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x, click Internet
Options on the View menu.
2. Click the Connections tab.
3. Click the LAN Settings button.
4. Click the Advanced button in the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings
dialog box.
5.In the Exceptions box, under Do not use proxy server for addresses
beginning with, type your domain name preceded by an asterisk (*). For
example, if your AD domain were, you would type

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Hi gurus,

I'm (still) setting up a new Exchange 2k server to migrate our existing
server.  Everything's working fine, BUT IM.

I have created (and recreated around 20 times by now) an IM virtual
installed IM client, checked the DNS entries, etc. as per microsoft
step-by-step documentation... 

I have installed IM client on the Exchange server itself (to avoid
routing/port/firewall issues).  But I keep getting the 'Sign In To
dialog box telling me that "The person logged on to this computer does
have permission to use the specified e-mail address.  Please type your
e-mail address and password" asking me for my E-Mail, Username, Password

I'm logged in as myself, and I'm a Schema/Domain/Enterprise admin.  I'm
trying to connect using my own IM account.

Any ideas?

Thanks Regards
Andrea Coppini
+356 79 ANDREA (263732)


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