[ExchangeList] Re: IE7 on Exchange 2003 servers

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  • Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 07:37:02 -0000



I've recently updated my server to have IE7 and I have no problems as of





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PS:  a small correction to my last post:  when I said "IE7 is not an option"
I really meant to say "MSIE is not optional", apologies if this caused any
confusion, since the two phrases are practically opposite in meaning! 


Anyway I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has upgraded to IE7
on their Ex2k3 servers yet.






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I surf the web from my Exchange server all the time bud!   You know how it
is, late evenings, not much going on, what the heck let me click on that
gambling site and win some bucks or pull up that ebay phishing email and see
what happens LOL! 


Seriously though, have you never had the need to run a Windows update on the
Exchange server, or search the Microsoft support site etc for an article or
download a patch or code from a known trusted site?  A web browser is an
indensible tool when used properly. 


To my knowledge, Microsoft IE is not an option if you want to run Windows
updates, MS Baseline Security Analyzer etc., hence my question.  My question
(and concern) is: does IE7 do anything unexpectedly funky, being tightly
interwoven as it is with the OS. (BTW Firefox or the "other browsers" are
not that much safer, all of them have security exposures when improperly





On 11/5/06, Howard Rappaport <howie@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I haven't.  It is on my workstation . where I surf the web.  Do you surf the
web on your exchange server?


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Has anyone updated their IE to v7 on their Exchange 2003 serves yet?  Any
comments on doing that or not doing that?





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