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This article explains the setup:


Seems pretty easy to set up. This kind of a process is completely
transparent to the end-users. Exchange will simply archive a copy of all
email as it passes through.


>>But, How can you sure that every user turned off this feature ??


The only users that have to turn off this feature are the few that will have
to access the Mail Archive to "spy" on the users. I would think it would be
a small task to get this "administrative group" to turn off this feature in
their mail clients so they don't send receipts back to all the users that
have had their mail archived. I have serious doubts as to whether reading
these emails in the Exchange Mail Archive would actually trigger read
receipts anyway. Do you have some solid technical backing or are you just
conjecturing that this would occur (I am merely conjecturing)?


One caveat to this whole mail archiving thing is that Exchange would have to
handle all mail traffic. If clients were configured to retrieve their own
external mail from a POP3 server(s) then Exchange Mail Archiving won't even
see it go by to be able to grab a copy of it. This would bypass the system.
If most mail is external communications then this would be unacceptable, I
would think.


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U r right, only after client reads the email, original sender will be
notified. If the future is turned off, No probs.


But, How can you sure that every user turned off this feature ?? And that
too Mr.Balaji Naidu want to get a copy and read their emails without the
knowledge of the users. ???


Do you know, how to get a copy of outgoing emails (From all the users) ??



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TMC Educational Group.


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