RE: How'd they do that?

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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 10:57:52 -0700

What's interesting is that the spammer was able to reach newly created
accounts on newly created domains.  As in, the domains were registered on
Monday.  The accounts were created on Tuesday.  The spam arrived this

I understand what you're saying about "guessing" account names.  That still
seems a stretch for this situation due to some of the accounts having
odd-ball naming structures.  For example, one account was called

I haven't checked the badmail directory yet, but I will definitely do that
in a little bit.

Content management system?  How does that relate to avoiding spam?

Thanks for your feedback, Mark.


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Its not that hard to find out email addresses, people join news list
:-), newsgroups, fill out forms on the web, friends add them to email
addresses with 1000 other people on them, some spammers have systems
that just make up names and hope for the best.

Have you looked in your badmail directory?, do you see a ton of messages
in there?

Get yourself a content management system, look on and
look under software and you will see some recommendations for good
content management systems.
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