RE: How to use FQDN instead of NT Domain Name in Message Header

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Does the exchange server have the dns name specified correctly on the DNS
tab of TCP/IP properties for the network card ?

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I have an Exchange Server 5.5 (SP3) running on a Windows NT 4.0 Server.  The
problem I have is that when messages are sent out, the message header shows
the NT Domain name in the 'received: from' message header field.

i.e so instead of ... Received: from server.ntdomain it would be Received:

If anyone can help me out as to where to set this, it would be much
appreciated, as I have spent quite a few hours with different combinations
of words on MS's knowledge base looking for this information.  Hopefully it
isn't something that is blaringly obvious and I have overlooked.

Thanks in Advance.


Other Notes:

The exchange server is running on a NT 4 domain controller, and this is the
only server which sits behind a MS ISA firewall server (Running win2k).  Our
ISP hosts our DNS settings, and an MX record appears to be set correctly,
along with the other DNS settings for our internet domain.

We have a local DNS server running on the NT box, for the local network
domain only, and it uses forwarders for all external DNS lookups.  The
ntdomain is the only zone setup in our local DNS server (apart form the
reverse lookup ones.)

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