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As a consultant, it is your duty to give them better solutions for their
problems.  Just because they've always driven a screw in with a hammer
doesn't mean you should be telling them to use a bigger hammer.
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First let me point out that although I am crazy, as a consultant I don't
tell my users how to use their systems.  I can make suggestions, but I
can't force them.  This is an extreme situation and I thought it would
be a good opportunity to learn.  


Someone has replied that the lowest limit wins.   This is in direct
conflict with the following excerpt from Microsoft KB article 322679 - 


Example 2

In this example, the following size limits have been configured: 

* The global setting is set to 2 MB. 

* The Exchange 2000 SMTP connector is set to 5 MB. 

* The SMTP virtual server is set to 2 MB. 

* The user mailbox setting is set to 3 MB. 

The global setting is 2 MB. Therefore, all the users who are using the
default global setting in the Exchange 2000 Server organization or in
the Exchange Server 2003 organization are limited to sending and
receiving messages that are a maximum of 2 MB. If an individual user has
a mailbox setting of 3 MB, that user overrides the global setting.


Note All Internet e-mail messages use the global setting for limits on
sending and on receiving. The message categorizer evaluates the sender's
sending limit and the recipient's receiving limit. In example 2 earlier,
a user with a user mailbox limit of 3 MB could receive messages from
another user with a 3-MB sending limit. Because Internet users use the
global setting, they can send only a 2-MB message.


Since this email is going to and from a user within my Exchange server
No Internet should be used.


John (Still Crazy after all these years!)
Technology Applied  

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unfortunately not. the smallest limit wins.

On 11/5/07, John L. Gitzen II <john_gitzen_ii@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I have a user in my organization that needs to send a very large email
but I
can't seem to get it to work.  System global setting is 10MB, and I
the User mailbox setting to 150MB.  The mail with attachments is 94MB.
Connector Message Size Limit under Routing Groups is not set, values are
greyed.  SMTP Virtual server Setttings under Servers/Protocol/SMTP
Server/Messages is also not set.  Yet whenever the message is sent we
get -
Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Sending' reported error (0x80040610) :
'The message being sent exceeds the message size established for this

What am I missing, I thought the Limit set at the user level would
the System global settings, etc?
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               Subject: Yahoo.com Email is blocked - New Installation
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               Help Listers,

               You may recall I posted a question titled "Steps to
a new Server".  Well we put that server into production this weekend and
I get to fight the fires.  In recent testing I discovered that emails
out to my yahoo.com email address are not being received, but emails
sent to
my charter.net email address are!?!  Any suggestions on what I should
for?  I looked in my DNS table and I see no problems.  I have an
webhosting company - acomhosting.com and we did have email going through
their site, in fact my users still have the POP3 definition in their
setup, but it is at the bottom below our Mailbox.

               Why one SMTP email client and not another?

               Technology Applied


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