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The only way i have found to do this in the past is to export the directory
to a csv file. Then import that csv file into the new exchange server (with
new organisation name). Then use Exmerge to export all the mailboxes to pst
files. Then use exmerge to import all of the pst files back into the
mailboxes on the new server ( before exmerge will allow you to import the
pst files again each mailbox has to be initialized, the easiest way to do
this is to send a test email to every mailbox). You may also want to
investigate the use of header.exe (from the exchange resource kit) when you
perform the directory export as there is lots of information in the
directory that isn't exported in a standard export ( for instance mailbox
size limits).

It is worth noting that you will loose all delegate permissions (although i
believe it is possible to export these using header.exe) and you will need
to recreate each clients mapi profile, even if you have the new server with
the same name you will find if you don't recreate the mapi profile you will
end up with duplicate contacts lists as one will still point to the old
organisation name. There is a resource kit tool called profgen which may
help you automate the process in a login script.

Good Luck


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Our company needs to globalise our site and connect it to another
Organization Name so that we can replicate the sites automatically.

How can you change the Organization Name of the Exchange Server 5.5?

What is the simplest way to do this.
We will be moving the server to another server and take the current one
offlne just incase it is not successful

So if anyone has experienced changing the organization name, let me know

thanks Mars

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