How to I add an existing personal forlder along with my MailBox in OWA?

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How do I open An existing personal folder to go along with my MailBox -
My NAME in OWA I have not problem in Outlook 2003 the instruction below


Determine the Personal Folders file (.pst) format 


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1.                  On the Tools menu, click Options. 

2.                  Click Mail Setup, and then click Data Files. 

3.                  Click the data file you want to check, and then
click Settings. 

4.                  Check the Format field to see if it contains the
string Personal Folders file or Personal Folders file (97-2002).
Personal Folders file indicates the new format that supports
multilingual Unicode (Unicode: A character encoding standard developed
by the Unicode Consortium. By using more than one byte to represent each
character, Unicode enables almost all of the written languages in the
world to be represented by using a single character set.)
<javascript:AppendPopup(this,'ofUnicode_1')>  data and offers greater
storage capacity for items and folders. A file with the Personal Folders
file type is not compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Outlook.
Personal Folders file (97-2002) indicates the earlier format that is
compatible with earlier versions of Outlook. Personal Folders file
(97-2002) does not support Unicode and offers the same storage capacity
for items and folders that was available in earlier versions of Outlook.

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