RE: How do other e-mail admins deal with getting off spam lists

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People, if you find out you are listed in a black list, you have to dig to
find out why. Do not just blindly ask on this list. shows you are listed
in a few well respected lists. You need to go to each link and read the
information to find out why and how to correct. shows you have a
few DNS issues, but nothing major. However, it also shows that your server
is not configured to receive e-mail to postmaster@serveripaddress as
required by RFC, and which is used by some blacklist for notifications and
confirmations. DBL in fact is one of these, and if you would bother to look
up why DSBL has you list, you will see they have tried to contact you at
that address, but since your server does not accept it.


John Tolmachoff


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We are on the SpamCop list and can't get off. ORDB tells me we are not an
open relay. I have reverse DNS set up. All our e-mail goes through
What else can I do? Change our IP address?



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