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To be honest, I do not know. The problem (foggy area) that I see is ensuring
that first the new server is properly configured as a DC and DNS is fully
configured and second installing Exchange and making sure that Exchange uses
that server only for AD and DNS. If Exchange on the new server in any way
shape or form uses the existing server for AD and/or DNS you are going to
compound the problem.


I would highly advice engaging an expert such as Mark Fugatt or Michal Smith
or other such Exchange expert to review with you the exact steps to take. 


One bit of advice I can give is after each step, wait for a day or 2 and
resolve any errors you see in the event log. 


Is there any way possible you could use a third server purely as a DC and
DNS? That would greatly reduce the chances of a major problem.


1. Install OS and configured on the 3rd server.

2. Promote the 3rd server as a DC in the existing domain.

3. Install OS and configure on the new Exchange server. Configure it to use
the 3rd server only for DNS. 

4. Install Exchange on the new Exchange server.

5. Migrate the mailboxes and users to the new Exchange server.

6. Remove the existing Exchange server from the domain.

7. Demote the existing Exchange server to a member server.

8. Remove the existing Exchange server from the domain, add to workgroup.

9. Shut down and rebuild the existing server.


John T

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  Trying to put new hardware and new os and move existing server (One server
running everything)

  How about following steps :

(1) Prep. my prepare my scheme , then install 2003 server with all patches
and joint to existing domain

(2) Install Exchange 2003 in existing exchange organization

(3) Run public folder sync and then move my mailboxes

(4) Wait till all the users logged in show there profile gets updated to
point to new server

(5) Configure New server with secondary DNS and let all the record sync

(6) Make a backup of old 2000 server

(7) Remove my first exchange server using;en-us;307917
2k> &Product=exch2k

(8) Run DCPROMO and remove active directory and this will remove my old
server from AD

(9) Install New OS and join the old server back to AD


Is this proc. will work.Just want to be on safe side.Doing lots of reading
and research 

Thanks you all of you for contributing guys and girls.  I have learned a
lots by just reading emails.




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