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-------------------------------------------------------Does it have to be 
hosted Exchange if they do not need frills?  Or will they
be using Outlook Anywhere (and a local .ost).

Most have free trials which allow the person assigned the task of
administering to be comfortable with the console they use.

Unlimited but not really... and Exchange 2003?


What does unlimited mailbox storage mean?
Unlimited mailbox storage means that clients of our Secure Exchange Service
don't need to manage user quotas or be concerned about billing surprises
because of increased email activity. This does not mean that using
Microsoft's Outlook and Exchange 2003 will work with an infinitely large
email box - there are practical limits to how large a mailbox can be before
performance becomes unacceptable. It also doesn't mean that a mailbox can be
defined as an "archive" - which would be impractical and inconsistent with
archiving requirements.

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I have a group of 4 users I need to move to hosted exchange.  These are
basic e-mail users who don't need a lot of frills and would not pay for
extra addons.  I've looking into AppRiver, Intermedia and 123together .
I've also used The Message Center in the past.  Most of these providers
seem to be all the same, with the biggest difference being the monthly
cost and how big of a mailbox size you can have.

Given the users in question, I've been inclined to choose AppRiver for
the unlimited mailbox size. This will prevent them from having to keep
maintain a local PST which is not being backed up (which has been a
concern of theirs).

Anyone have anything bad to say about AppRiver or advice to go in
another direction?

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