Help with MIME DeCryption Failures???

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  • Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 09:37:56 +0100

Hi there...
Does anyone out there know how to troubleshoot "DeMIME Failures"?
My setup is comprised of some 16 E2K Servers across the WAN, with the
main Connector/Bridgehead Server communicating with an SMTP Gateway
(SurfControl 4.5) in my DMZ. The Gateway receives all mail for my domain
and relays it inbound to E2K for delivery. Outbound mail also routes
through the SurfControl Gateway and is sent via DNS Lookups.
The system all appears to be working fine, with the exception of a few
emails here and there, that are still MIME Encrypted, which 'seem to be'
from certain external senders (or sending domains) to particular
individuals on my network. Some of my users are starting to get very
frustrated, especially when I tell them to contact the sender and
request that the message be sent as Plain Text (with or without
I have tried to identify where the problem arises: I have contacted
postmasters at a couple of these domains and found that they have quite
simple E5.5/outlook setups with no mail gateways / filters, for example.
My problem is that I don't properly understand MIME, in order to
troubleshoot it.....
If anyone can offer any tips or suggestions, I would be extremely
Rob Hemmings
Bexley Mail Administrator / Postmaster
rob.hemmings@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:rob.hemmings@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

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