RE: Help required connecting 1 exchange 5.5 an- d 1 2000 server

  • From: milind.kale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 06:37:35 -0700

Hi there,

We have 2 domain controllers in a AD. One of the domain controllers is
also an Exchange 5.5 server. What we are now trying to do is move all 5.5
users to a new E2K server. I have installed the ADC on the GC controller
(not the E5.5 server). All the information from E5.5 has been replicated
to the AD without any errors.After this I have now installed E2K server on
a new server(which is not a DC). The problem that I am having is the E5.5
and E2K server do not talk to each other, although any users created on
either servers is published to the GAL. The admin program and system
manager see all the servers although the E5.5 server seems like it has
been greyed out on the system manager.

As explained in my previous post I have now configured a new E2K server in
the same site to recreate the Site Replication Connector (SRS). However
when I attempt to do this I get a message saying that the E5.5 server is
not operational.I have also changed the LDAP port mapping on E5.5 server.
I am now at a loss to understand why the mail flow is not happening. This
setup worked fine when I did a pilot(typical).

Any help on this matter will be highly appreciated.


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