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I think your best bet here is to do the following:

1.The hardware does not have to be identical.
2.Install the OS to be identical as that of the original (easier if you have a 
system state backup)
3.Install Exchange to be identical setup to the original (you must re-create 
all the mailboxes again though if you did not have a system state backup to 
4.Dismount the Information store
5.Restore from your backup the folders containing the information store data.
5.Re-mount the Information store.

This is in essence what you require to do.
The instructions are not exact and the procedure may differ slightly depending 
on your setup.

Hope this helps.

Further reading on the subject can be found at:
This is a download pdf format documentation of Backup Exec and agents.
It outlines procedures for exchange backup and restore and may of of some help 
to you.

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I have not done this, but we have just recently helped another Exchange
administrator on site implement Tivoli back up for our server.

From what I understand about restoring the IS, is that it would need to be
put on a server that is identical to the existing server. I hope that
someone else who has more experience, can assist you with this issue. Good

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Hello to all Exchange Guru's
I have to restore the mail of a single user from the information
store.... my presumption .. its not possible without restoring the
entire information store... and the backup has been performed on
ArcServe without the brock level option. 
I want to restore the entire information store (If it comes to that ) on
a different machien that has entirely different hardware specs from the
actual machine. I have recreated a compleltely different active I need help as to how to proceed.. can I install exchange
on that machine with the new active directory (new domain contrller in a
physoically different network) and restore then install exchange and
then restore the information store on that machine...?? 
Please help

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