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You First install a new exchange 5.5 server in a new site and org.Preferable
put this server in a seperate LAN from the production LAN.

I assume you have a backup software that backs up the IS as an online
database. Install the same backup software in the new server. Then restore
the IS to the new server. Depending on the Backup app. you may have to
specify the new server name to restore the database. By default online
backups and restore of IS and Ds always look for the server with same name
in the network. Once you restore the IS, restart the server. You services
should startup. In case is IS service fails, run ISINTEG -patch on priv.edb.
Once IS starts up, you need to run the DS/IS consistency adjuster. select
ALL inconsistencies, and select synchronize with directory and create new
entries for mailboxes.......

This will take a few minutes depending on your IS size. Once done, you
should see all mailboxes in you GAL. Then you assign your exchange service
account as the primary owner of the mailbox you want to recover. Logon as
service account, extract entire mailbox to a PST. Then use the PST to
recover the mailbox in the production server.



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Hello to all Exchange Guru's
I have to restore the mail of a single user from the information
store.... my presumption .. its not possible without restoring the
entire information store... and the backup has been performed on
ArcServe without the brock level option. 
I want to restore the entire information store (If it comes to that ) on
a different machien that has entirely different hardware specs from the
actual machine. I have recreated a compleltely different active I need help as to how to proceed.. can I install exchange
on that machine with the new active directory (new domain contrller in a
physoically different network) and restore then install exchange and
then restore the information store on that machine...?? 
Please help

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