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I recently wanted to do something similar, whereby I had the information
store backed up, in fact I still had the Log files and database files
all I wanted to do was restore it to a different AD.  I had no luck. 
Ideally I'd have like a program which can read the database files and
allow the extraction of mailboxes from it, has anyone heard of such a
When I re-installed exchange, I couldn't get exchange to mount the old
database files, it'd just complain about the DB being inconsistent.

Good Luck!  And if you find anything please let me know as I still have
old mail I need to get!


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I have not done this, but we have just recently helped another Exchange
administrator on site implement Tivoli back up for our server.

From what I understand about restoring the IS, is that it would need to
put on a server that is identical to the existing server. I hope that
someone else who has more experience, can assist you with this issue.

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Hello to all Exchange Guru's
I have to restore the mail of a single user from the information
store.... my presumption .. its not possible without restoring the
entire information store... and the backup has been performed on
ArcServe without the brock level option. 
I want to restore the entire information store (If it comes to that ) on
a different machien that has entirely different hardware specs from the
actual machine. I have recreated a compleltely different active I need help as to how to proceed.. can I install exchange
on that machine with the new active directory (new domain contrller in a
physoically different network) and restore then install exchange and
then restore the information store on that machine...?? 
Please help

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