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Some might have ca antivirus in their environment, maybe even on exchange so I 
thought this was noteworthy.

E-News: Antivirus / AV-alert Newsletter

from Computer Associates

Version 03.38 | April 4, 2003

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Table of Contents

- Antivirus / AV-alert: Important Message 

Regarding Daylight Savings Time


Antivirus / AV-alert: Important Message 

Regarding Daylight Savings Time



We have recently discovered an issue when 

adjusting your daylight savings time settings. 

INOTASK will consume 100% CPU utilization when 

adjusting to or from daylight savings time. 

Scheduled tasks, such as signature download 

and scheduled scan jobs will no longer execute. 

This problem may occur when the system time is 

changed manually or automatically by the 

operating system. 

Restarting the INOTASK.EXE process or rebooting 

the machine does not correct the problem.

*Note: This will ONLY occur if your scheduled 

task will occur between the hours of 2-3am of 

that day.

We have released the following solutions to 

resolve this issue:

Location of Solutions: 

Windows 9x:

eTrust InoculateIT 6.0: QO36786

eTrust Antivirus 6.0: QO36763

eTrust Antivirus 7.0: QO36765


Windows NT/2000/XP:

eTrust InoculateIT 6.0: QO36771

eTrust Antivirus 6.0: QO36758

eTrust Antivirus 7.0: QO36795



eTrust Antivirus 6.0: A fix is currently 

undergoing testing. 

eTrust Antivirus 7.0: QO36817



eTrust Antivirus 6.0: QO36811

eTrust Antivirus 7.0: QO36813


Please see the techdoc 1010 for additional 


or on eSupport at: 


Additional information on viruses, worms, and

Trojan horses can be found at the Computer

Associates Virus Information Center:

For more detailed virus information and

specialized removal instructions, visit:

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

(CERT® Coordination Center):


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