Re: HELP needed on Mail Server with Slow Internet Connection

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hi. run tcpview (or windows netstat) and see what sessions are being built. this will tell you source, destination, protocol and layer 4 state (for tcp). ensure the traffic is legitimate. this will at least help you isolate quickly, then going to net captures if next step is not obvious.

also, turn up smtp protocol logging if you have not already.

hope that helps.


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Subject: [exchangelist] HELP needed on Mail Server with Slow Internet Connection

HELP -- I'm beside myself and hope I'm overlooking something simple.

Have an Exchange 2003 with SP1 that worked well for a week and now when the
virtual SMTP server is started, the Internet slows to a crawl.

Here's what I've done and noted:
-- No significant entries in the Event Log -- a couple entries for a
blacklist, but am in process of cleaning that up -- no other
-- No large numbers of entries/messages in Queues of ESM
-- Have a Cisco PIX 501 on outside, and enabled logging... Not much there
either in terms of activity
-- Have Symantec 10 and Mail Security on this which I believe are configured
-- there is really just not a lot of traffic going on.

It appears that the main problem is when the smtp service and/or smtp
virtual server is started. Any Internet access is very SLOW and they
Terminal Service users (which is on another server) are complaining.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!!

Lee Swanson

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