RE: HDD configurations for Advanced server 2000+Exchange2000

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First of all, why Advanced server?  Only reason you should ever need
that is if you have more than 2 processors, lots more RAM than you have
now, or are doing some sort of clustering.  It doesn't give you any
better performance than regular server.  That'll save you about 3 grand
right off the top.
Second, I would give much more space to the transaction logs - like the
whole 17GB partition, or... maybe 12 GB and then the rest of that drive
for the swap.  You do get marginally better performance if you move the
swap partition off onto a stand-alone drive (or a non-OS drive)
I'd also make the OS/Exchange partition at least 10 GB.  That way you'll
have the space to do anything you want.

Actually, I guess I'd do this:
OS, Exchange Program files and Swap, all on the 17 GB drive, no
partitions. (or OS, Exch on 12 GB, Swap on 5GB)
Then move all the data files for exchange over to the 40 GB drive.  This
route is simple (few partitions) and should give you all the space you
need for quite a while.

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Here is a configuration request. I have a new server in hand. On the
machine, I have to install:
1. Win2k advanced server
2. Exchange 2000 for 100 users, each with 10 MB mailbox size.( And allow
for future additions)

My hardware is:
1. First HDD 40 GB
2. Second HDD 17 GB
3. 512 MB RAM

I have planned to:
On First HDD of 40 GB:
1. Install the OS and Exchange 2000 on a 5GB partition.
2. Place the mailbox store on a 30 GB partition.
3. Place the swapfile of 2 GB on the last 5 GB partition(To prevent its

On Second HDD of 17 GB
4. Place the transaction logfiles on a 5 GB partition.

Please comment on my configuration and suggest improvements. Like, will
moving the swapfile to the second disk be better? You get that warning
debugging information in the event of crash but who reads it anyway?
Thanks in advance.

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