[ExchangeList] Re: Groupshield for Exchange v6.0

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  • Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 09:45:16 -0400

You do understand that Groupshield's main purpose is to scan the
Exchange Stores for virus'- it does not scan at the file level....   Of
course it also scans active SMTP sessions, and provides some (ugh)
'anti-spam' features.  There are really no 'folders' to exclude with
Groupshield, unless you do not want to scan a certain Store or Public


I personally have scheduled scans to occur on our stores and once per
week on Saturday during non-business hours.  This scan's purpose is to
weed out any virus' that may have made it into the organization before a
'dat' (virus definition) update was available.  Of course, if an updated
DAT is provided, it should catch the virus if it ever tries to be
delivered over SMTP in the future (without the need of an in depth


KEY THOUGHTS - verify you do NOT schedule an in depth virus scan during
your backup times and also do not scan during your scheduled
'Maintenance Intervals' for each store.  You can find your Maintenance
Interval info in the properties of each Store on the 'Database' tab...
Backups, Virus Scans and Maintenance Intervals should all be scheduled
during different times.




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Groupshield installed successfully, creating an on-demand scan task, and
need to know if to exclude any particular folders? I have heard of the
dreaded AV and exchange folders.




syed faizan <syed.faizan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Well we used to have group shield quite a while back but it was
not that impressive and effective as it was unable to stop spam on
automatic basis .We used to block most of the mails manually .Instead if
ur budget allows then go for Barracuda or Mc Afee SIG Hardware (which we
have) and its just too good though a bit expensive 

        On 8/15/07, Patrick <london31uk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Hi Guys,


        I am about to install groupshield for exchange v6.0, just
wondering if there is anything I should watchout for. I am more used to





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