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Do you have sp1 installed? If not you may need this hotfix.



You cannot view a user's universal group membership in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Users and Computers when universal groups do not reside in the local domain




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I'm trying to figure why and how there is a mis-match between a group and its members.


I look at the membership of a Universal Distribution Group  and I see a particular member "Eric" as a member.  But when I look at the "Member Of" tab for Eric, that group is not listed.  I tried to "re-add" Eric, but got a pop-up saying he was already a member, even though the group is not listed on the Users properties.


Background:  One empty place-holder domain and 10 child domains, of which 8 are native Ex2003, and two are mixed mode.  The Group and the User are in different, native mode, domains in the same forest.


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