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If I understand what you are trying to do:

You would like to have a message sent to a mailbox that can be read by
multiple people. You want each person to see that a new message has
arrived, and potentially deal with it. You would like all the potential
readers of the mailbox to at least be aware that there are new messages.

This sounds like something that should be done with an e-mail enabled
public folder. Keep in mind that public folders don't have to be
"public". You can set the permissions on them so that only a certain
group of people can see them.

Public folders keep track of per/user read informaion. In other words if
person 1 reads the message person 2 still sees it as unread. If CC: your
responses back into the public folder then everyone who has access to
the public folder can see what action if any has been taken for a given


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I recently created a group mail box, which three or four people are
using at the moment. Everything is fine, but the problem is, when a new
message arrives in the mailbox, if one of the user reads the email, it
appears as """READ Message""" for rest of them as well, I was just
wondering if there was any way of others letting know that this specific
email has been dealt with or not after someone reads it and takes an

Any advice????????


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