Greetings to all and request for advice

  • From: Jay Sundberg <jaysundberg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 09:48:37 -0600

I recently started at a very large company who is in the beginning phase of
migrating 60 global Exchange 5.5 servers to Exchange 2003 – there are over
15k users.  This company is also going to be merging a smaller company they
purchased this year into the environment at the same time the global
migration is going on.  This is where I need to reach out and ask for some
help – if there are some experts on this list or anyone who can help me with
some ideas, suggestions or even a quick how-to/step by step list that would
be great.  I'll list out the details (that I know) below.


   - Main hub, forest location with multiple subdomains
   - Currently Mixed mode environment - lots of 5.5 servers left to be
   migrated to 2003.

NEW Satellite office to be brought in:

   - Currently on Exchange 5.5 which is hosted in their local domain
   - Users in this new sat. office log into a new windows 2003 domain
   here.  I believe there is a trust setup in the forest so that they can log
   into the new domain however still access their email on the
E5.5server in their old local domain.
   - Goal is to get them moved to Exchange 2003 in our environment so
   that calendar/free-busy info can be shared globally.

My thoughts are to:
- install an Ex2k3 server in our Organization then use the Exchange
migration wizard to move the data cross site (cross country really) to here
and be done.

However I know there's a lot more to it than that. Can anyone help me make a
stepbystep plan to do so?

I appreciate totally any help you can provide.  Thanks!

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