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Hi Darren

Welcome to the group :-)

Normally what happens is, you register a domain called and the
ISP is configured to collect all mail that is addressed to
something@xxxxxxxx, the portion of the domain name before the @ sign is
pretty irrelevant as far as the ISP is concerned they just collect it

When the POP3 connector kicks in it look at the email addresses and
tries to match them with email addresses store for your users in Active
Directory, when it finds a match it delivers the mail from the ISP to
the users mailbox via the POP3 connector.

How is Altrincham, I used to live in Alsager, Cheshire until I moved
over here about 4 years ago, boy what I would do for a good plate of
"Fish and Chips" right now :-)

Enjoy these groups and read some of the articles the authors are pretty
good, even if I do say so myself.

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I just joined.

I set-up and run the network for a small engineering consultancy (stress
analysis etc. for nuclear industry).  It has been a pretty difficult but
rewarding past year considering I am an engineer myself and had no
experience of domain controllers, e-mail servers etc.  Despite my
handicap, I have managed to set up a windows 2000 network with windows
2000 SBS on a single server, and it works well enough.  Help forums and
resources like this have been absolutely invaluable in helping me sort
out problems and learn so much in six months, it makes my head hurt.

One small problem I have been having lately is to do with our e-mail
system, which picks up e-mail from a single pop3 mailbox.  We have a
registered domain name with a forwarding facility so all of our e-mail
is forwarded to a single pop3 mailbox.  Our exchange 2000 pop3 connector
connects according to a schedule and sends the e-mail to each users
mailbox.  Now is the bit that I don't fully understand.  How does
exchange know which e-mail is for whom if it is all in one mailbox?  The
reason I ask is because any e-mail sent directly to the pop3 mailbox is
bounced by our server.  So, forwarded e-mail with our domain name gets
through to each recipient, but e-mail sent directly to the global pop3
mailbox doesn't.  I don't want to give someone in our domain the same
e-mail address as the global pop3 mailbox in case they then receive all
of our companies e-mail.

If anyone can decipher my rambling then you are one of a few
(lucky/unfortunate) individuals that can.  If you can then offer me any
help/advice/suggestions, I will love you forever.

Many thanks


quasi/pseudo administrator.

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