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One other question, do you know by chance what the default settings are
for the Global list?? I shouldn't have nuked it, it seems :(


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At 16:21 9/23/2005, you wrote:
>Yeah I can delete the Global Address List from ESM. However when you 
>click on the "TO" it gives me an error message, so I was looking for 
>away to set the default address option in Outlook (if possible) to 
>Contacts and no try to use the Global Address List, this way users can 
>see their Contacts, and if they want to send an email to someone on the

>network they can select the group/company and the name of the person 
>they want to send the email too.

In Outlook, open the Address Book, choose Tools/Options, then under
Display this Address List first, and choose the one you want them to
see, but this nneeds to be done in each user's Outlook setup, unless you
use a customized installer for Outlook.

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