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Yeah I can delete the Global Address List from ESM. However when you
click on the "TO" it gives me an error message, so I was looking for
away to set the default address option in Outlook (if possible) to
Contacts and no try to use the Global Address List, this way users can
see their Contacts, and if they want to send an email to someone on the
network they can select the group/company and the name of the person
they want to send the email too.

I am still stuck..


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At 16:02 9/23/2005, you wrote:
>Is there anyway to remove the Global Address List from Exchange and 
>make Contact's the default group when you click on the "TO". I have 
>created groups which have the emails of each sub company employees in

Well in my SA, if you right-click the Default Global Address List,
is offered as an option, so perhaps you can then just make a new one,
but I am not about to try it. or else make a new Global Address List and
perhaps there is a way to set it as the default?

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