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I have to agree. I have posted questions and answers here and have felt belittled by the responses. If we all knew everything there is to know about Exchange we wouldn't be here looking for help. In addition there may be more than one way to solve some problems, so don't assume your way is the only way or the best. And to be frank no one here was able to help me with the problem I had which originally brought me to this forum. Even Microsoft Engineers couldn't figure it out. I fixed my problems on my own. Finally keep this in mind, The way you respond to others correlates directly to your maturity level.

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I agree with you that members should show courtesy when assisted. However,
your response was on the harsh side , you didn't need  to
Be that hard on the language. Some of us are newbie's looking up to guys
like you for help. You have to be patient with us even when we
are stark stupid if we show disrespect please ignore us by not responding.
Thank you.

Karl Obayi

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Mark, If you're offended by reaction, then so be it. Newbie's like that guy
should learn to respect the pro's and even say "thank you" now and then.
Didn't you notice that of all the posts he was on, he never said "thank
you?" All he said was, "didn't work." Ene of story.
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Hey Jared

I think that kind of attitude is not what this list is all about, people
post here because they have problems and would like assistance with
resolving those problems, if a post offends you then just ignore it, I for
one would be the first person to unsubscribe from this list if it ends up
like many of the other news lists available, were people start make personal
attacks on others.
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