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  • From: "karl obayi" <gold2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 15:24:30 +0100

Hi Mark,
This is the most respected list I have participated in largely as an
observer, that is not to say we will not from time to time have issues
Like the one Jared raised. I will hate to think you will leave because of
issues like this. It is courteous to express gratititude which Jared
apparently demands however he was too strong on the language he used in
showing he was not pleased. You may not agree with me Mark,
you are one of our leaders in this list you can't leave because issues like
this happen. I suggest we have a way of handling these issues so 
that members who err know the penalties. Please, Mark, back to what you do
best - help the lost , ignorant and confused like me. 
Karl obayi
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From: Mark Fugatt [mailto:mark@xxxxxxxxx] 
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Sorry but I have to disagree with this, none of us are "pro's" and I never
assume someone should show me any form of respect, if I choose to answer a
question then that is my choice and if someone responds with a "thank you"
then that's nice, if they don't, I will not lose any sleep over it.
Let put this to an end now, I value this list and enjoy participating in it,
and have learn a lot from it, but as I said before if people start getting
an "attitude" and take personal swipes at others, then I will be the first
to go.
Mark Fugatt
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From: Jared Johnson [mailto:JaredsJazz@xxxxxxxxx]
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Mark, If you're offended by reaction, then so be it. Newbie's like that guy
should learn to respect the pro's and even say "thank you" now and then.
Didn't you notice that of all the posts he was on, he never said "thank
you?" All he said was, "didn't work." Ene of story.

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