RE: Getting LDAP reloaded on Exchange 5.5 server running NT4 and how to migrate dl's from 5.5 to 2003

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Try the following steps. Looks long but believe me its should be easy if you
follow exactly.



This procedure will allow you to export existing Exchange 5.5 Distribution
defined in Exchange 5.5 and importing them into Active Directory, providing
you already have the users defined in Active Directory. A typical scenario
would be 
a pure Exchange 5.5 organization based on Active Directory users, where
going to Install a new Exchange 2003 organization.

This method could be quite complex and could require more file manipulation
if you 
have your users in different containers in Exchange 5.5. 
The same principle applies if you have the users that belong to those groups
different OUs in Active directory, or if you plan to create the groups in
OUs in Active Directory. 

Consider moving all your users and groups to the Users container to make
process as simple as possible. You can move them back to their
location after the groups are created. Consider creating all groups in the
Users container as well.

To Export DLs from Exchange 5.5

From Exchange 5.5 administrator select Directory Export
- Choose an Export file (i.e. "DLs.csv")
- Container= Global Address List
- Export Objects = Distribution List

From the cmd type the following command line to export a particular group.
If you 
don't have any group in active directory, create one with two users.

csvde -d "cn=<groupname>,cn=Users,dc=<domain>,dc=<com>" -f adexample.csv

The syntax of this command line will depend of the group object location in
directory. In the example it's under Users container.

Create a file importAD.csv to import Exchange 5.5 groups in Active Directory

Create a file importAD.csv to import Exchange 5.5 groups in Active Directory

Required Properties Mapping

DN              - Distinguished Name constructed from Directory Name (see
member          - Distinguished names of the members separated by ";".
Constructed from 
cn              - Directory Name
displayName     - Display Name
groupType       - 2 (Global Group) or 8 (Universal Group)
distinguishedName - same as DN
objectCategory  - "CN=Group,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com"
objectClass     - "group"
sAMAccountName  - Alias Name

How to construct your import file with correct DN, Distinghished Name and
properties using Excel
- Make a copy of your export file from Exchange 5.5 before proceed.
- Create a new excel file called importAD.csv (csv format)
- The header of this new file will be the Required Properties above.
- Copy or complete the values of cn, displayName, grouptype, objectCategory,

objectClass and sAMAccountName in the import file - following the mapping

- Open the Exchange 5.5 export file. This field is constructed by creating a
colum before Directory Name and writing "CN=". Then create a new column
Directory name and write ",CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com" - Note: this will
depend on 
where you want the object to be created. In this example the group will be
under Users container.
     Then Select and copy the three columns which made up the DN and paste
it in  
Notepad to get rid of the TAB character between columns. Now you can copy
information from notepad to the DN field in your import file. 

- In the Exchange 5.5 export file, member list Constucted by replacing the 
following strings in Members colum from Exchange 5.5 export file: 
"/ou=SITE/cn=Recipients/cn=" with null. This will delete the first portion
of the 
X500 address for each member.
- Then replace "%"  with ",CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com;". This will replace
the "%" 
character separator by the last part of the distinghished name.Note: this
depend on where the user objects are located. In this example user objects
under Users container.
- Then replace ";" with ";cn=". This will help creating the preceding CN=
for the 
distinguished name      
Caution: your first and last member will be wrong if you use this method,
you will 
need to fix them manually. The first one is going to have the "CN=" missing,
the last one is going to have the ",CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com" missing.

- copy the DN you just generated        

The attached files are examples of 
- Export from 5.5 directory
- Export from an Existing group in AD
- Import file to create the Exchange 5.5 groups in Active Directory.

Additional tasks needed
After you have the import file ready, you need to import it in Active
using the following command line:

csvde -i -f importAD.csv

After you import the file, the groups are going to be created in active 
Now you can mail-enable the groups:
- Select the groups created by the import file
- Right-click the selection and choose "Exchange Tasks"
- Using the Wizard, select "Establish E-mail Address on Groups". Click Next,
the Associated Administrative Group, Click Next again and then Finish.


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Good Morning Everyone;

We have migrated our systems to 2003 from NT and are about to move the
exchange server over. We have somehow lost our LDAP service on the NT box
and can't figure out the best way to reinstall it. At the same time after
several tests we have no problems moving our mail boxes and public folders,
but we can't figure out how to get the distribution lists moved. 

Any help would be appreciated.


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