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Subject: [exchangelist] Getting Exchange to send and receive Internet E-mail

From your descriptive message, I am going to have to assume a few
things, like is Exchange installed correctly, or is DNS setup correctly,
or are there any firewall issues...

Make sure the following work in this order:
- Make sure TCP/IP is installed on your exchange server.
- Test to see if your exchange server surf the internet.
- Make sure that any firewall is allowing port 25 thru in both
directions.  Also, if you are behind a proxy server, make sure that is
setup correctly.
- Can you connect to the internet on any port number from your exchange
server (try this cmd: "telnet 25" and see if you get a
220 response - if not, then you probably cannot connect to's
mail server to send a user there e-mail.)
- On a computer that is on the same network as your exchange server,
what happens if you do a "telnet <ip addy of exch server> 25" - that
SHOULD work.  If it doesn't, then you have issues with your exchange
server and SMTP.
- I am going to assume that your external DNS is setup correctly and
working fine.  Then have a friend try the same command as above, except
replace the "" with your FQDN for your mail server.
For instance, if your mail server is, then your friend
would need to type "telnet 25" from a computer that can
fully see the internet.
- Once you get to the point where your exchange server is responding to
an external request for SMTP, then you need to make sure you have a
place for a user's e-mail to go.  See if your friend can send a message
to administrator@xxxxxxxxxx (again, assuming the MX record for your DNS
is working properly) - connect to your exchange server with Outlook, and

If things are still not working, e-mail us back, but tell us what DOES
work, as well as what DOESN'T work, and any steps you may have tried.


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I need to know, how to configure o Exchange Server for to receive and to
send external messages.

Please, help me!!!!

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