RE: GFI Mailarchiver - is that the best way to go?

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We use Symante/Veritas Enterprise Vault, and it an excellent solution for
mail archive and also file archive.
the only thing, is IT IS PAIN IN THE A*S to get it working, but once it's
working you like it very much.
the other thing I think they like 5 engineers that know and understand the
product, so you will always have to wait for a call back, and they normlly
tell you in two hours, and then they call you back in two days.
Good luck


From: Dave stevens [mailto:london31uk@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 10:22 AM
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Subject: [exchangelist] GFI Mailarchiver - is that the best way to go? 
Hi Guys,
We are looking to implement a mail archiving solution. The whole idea is to
take away email management from users and hopefully get rid of PST
We currently have GFI Mailarchiver up and running in evaluation mode, but
somehow we found it did not quite fully our needs. The concept I understand
is that MailArc v3.0 takes a copy of mails sent or received and stores in on
an SQL server. Our problem is that users still have to go in and tidy up
/free up space on their mailbox. We were kinda hoping that MailArc v3.0
would do that for you.
Anyone got alternative? I do know symantec do Enterprise Vault. anyone used
that yet? Is MS thinking of coming up with a solution for Archiving mails
besides PST?


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